Best Way to Collect Chicken Eggs

Best Way to Collect Chicken Eggs

It takes months to rear hens and eggs are the best rewards you can get. But before gathering them, here are some important things you should know to make sure that the eggs are fresh and of high quality. Eggshells should be hard and strong. The white part (albumen) should be thick and firm, while the yellow part (yolk) should be well-centered, light-colored, and should not have bloodstains.  Once an eggshell is soft and thin, it is very likely due to a lack of calcium, Vitamin D, and minerals. Therefore, feeds greatly affect the quality of eggs. On the other hand, some eggs may have inherited weakness from their mother.

How to Collect Eggs With Care

Hens tend to lay more eggs in the morning than in the afternoon. This is why you should gather eggs at least twice a day. They are more comfortable in laying eggs on a nest where a hen had laid eggs.  Interestingly, hens also love to lay eggs on a nest that has eggs in it and want to sit on eggs that just have been laid. So don’t be surprised if they peck on you. But don’t worry; they are not as fiercely as you think.

Collection of eggs should be done regularly. While gathering eggs, separate the soiled eggs from the clean ones at once. Clean them with water and detergent, and use them as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will soon break.

To handle eggs with care, your hands should always be clean. To allow air circulation, use a rubber-coated heavy wire basket or an open, plastic container. This also makes the eggs cooler. The recommended room temperature is 50°F, with a relative humidity of around 70 percent.

To keep eggs fresh, place them properly in the refrigerator. If you want to keep them for a couple of months, choose only the clean ones and place them inside a small carton box or plastic bags. This does not only maintain the quality of eggs, but it also helps prevent loss of carbon dioxide and moisture.

However, eggs that are placed inside a refrigerator for a long time might absorb the flavors from food with penetrating odors, such as garlic and onions.

Egg whites alone can be frozen in a natural way, while yolks alone may turn into gel unless you mix them with salt or sugar. Nevertheless, frozen eggs are also nutritious. To consume them, mix them in a bowl without beating. Just make sure that they are thawed completely.


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