Raising Chickens for Beginners – Things You Should Consider Before You Start

Raising Chickens for Beginners - Things You Should Consider Before You Start

Raising chickens for egg production is a very interesting hobby and can also be a lucrative way to make money. For Beginners to start with, you should know which breed are great egg layers. What should you do once they start laying eggs? So before you get excited to jump in, here are some solid tips that will help you decide whether you should try or not.


Weigh the pros and cons

Ideally, you can start with three hens in your small backyard and you don’t need a huge investment. After a few months, you can expect a good supply of fresh, wholesome eggs which is also a good money-saver. You can also sell them as additional income for your family. But while taking care of chicken can also be a good escape from boredom, producing quality eggs is not rocket science. You may also have to face a lot of challenges. And if you’re not ready enough, you’ll just be wasting your time.


Be ready to do hard work

Aside from investing time and money, you also need to acquire a lot of knowledge to be able to have a successful poultry grower. In our digital age today, you can easily find tons of tutorials and resources online. You see, egg production needs attention to detail and a lot of patience. A small mistake can lead to another mistake, and before you know it, the problem will become uncontrollable. So the million-dollar question is, are you ready for hard work? If you’re not yet sure, don’t take responsibility.


Prepare extra money

Just like any other hobby or business, managing poultry requires extra money. As your egg production starts to attract more buyers, you will need additional investment for feeds, fencing, and others. At some point, you may also need additional space. Aside from expansion, you also need some money for innovation. As time passes by, different technologies will be discovered to improve the quality of eggs. If your financial resources are very limited, your competitors can easily beat you without knowing it.



Keep in mind that raising chickens is like taking care of babies. They don’t talk nor have the ability to express their problems. Therefore, it’s your task to understand what they feel. You may not need to monitor your hens 24 hours a day. However, you should know when they should be laying eggs. And if they stop mysteriously, you should also know how to analyze why. Once you reach this status, you are already one step closer to success.


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