How to Stop Chickens from Eating their Eggs

How to Stop Chickens from Eating their Eggs

Chickens omnivores animals, which means they eat almost anything. But as a poultry owner, you have a big problem if your chicken starts to eat its own eggs. If you will ignore this bad habit, it will be more difficult to control as time passes by. To solve this problem, you should first know why your chicken is eating eggs. Second, you should be able to prevent it from happening again.


Why do Chickens Eat their Eggs

Egg-eating chickens are usually low in calcium. Their lack of calcium causes them to seek supplements, and eggshells are known to be made of calcium. Another possible reason is egg breakage and your chicken accidentally discovers it. This usually happens when the chicken coop is small and overcrowded. Other chickens may also develop the same habit, thus worsening the situation. And believe it or not, chicken also experiences boredom, and eating eggs makes them busy.


How to Stop Them from Eating their Eggs

So far, the best way to prevent your chicken from eating its eggs is to avoid breaking of eggs. To do so, collecting eggs regularly (at least twice a day) will be of big help. Providing adequate nesting space is also a must. Make sure that there is enough for your chicken to some activities. You may also want to serve your chicken with high-calcium feeds, such as crushed oyster shells. Giving them enough water is also a big help.

Ideally, there should be one nest for every four hens. Few nesting places cause heavy traffic for chickens, thus increasing the chances of egg breakage. You can also reduce the light by using dim lights or putting on curtains. This way, your chicken is less likely to see the eggs. You can also fool the chicken by placing pieces of paper or glass eggs on the ground. Once your chicken realizes that it is not an egg, it may break the habit.


Expect an increase in egg production

Hens that are about 33 weeks old are usually at their peak of egg production. Once they got older, they are likely to gradually reduce their ability to lay eggs. If your hen can produce an average of 18 dozen (or 216) eggs a year, it means you are doing a good job. If you have 15 hens and all of them are good egg layers, they will give you around 9 eggs a day. Imagine how many eggs will be lost if your chicken continues to eat their eggs.


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