How many chickens are enough?

How many chickens are enough?

There’s no fixed answer for this question, and the number of chickens depends upon your meat, and eggs intake.

  • An average Golden Comet hen lays about 300 eggs per year. This chicken breed lays more eggs in summer than in winter.
  • An average person eats about 300 eggs a year. It is a standard, and this amount can vary from person to person

However, 3 hens per person are more than enough. If you’re confused about how much hens would be enough for you, then we recommend that first, you start with a small egg-laying flock that is capable to fulfill all your daily eggs intake. In addition to this, make sure that you have a side meat bird.

The following are the most important things that you should keep in your mind:

  • Always choose (buy, or raise) a chicken breed that is more efficient in laying eggs.
  • Don’t buy meat birds if you want to increase the production of eggs.

If you’ll not follow these two points, then later you’d have to increase the number of your hens to fulfill your eggs intake. In addition to this, we have noticed that people start to eat more eggs after raising their own eggs.

Furthermore, keep in mind that egg production is way slower in winters than in summers. So, to keep your egg production balanced throughout the long winter years, it is recommended that you should purchase, or add an extra hen into your working flock. In addition to this, we can always sell some of the eggs in the summer season at the rate of $2.45 – $4.50 per dozen to earn more profit.


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