Raising Chickens 101: A Self-Assessment Guide Before You Commit Yourself

Raising Chickens 101: A Self-Assessment Guide Before You Commit Yourself

Who would not love chicken? Not only are they tasty and delicious but also interesting to take care of. No wonder, a lot of people loves doing it as their favorite pastime. For some, it can also be a lucrative source of income. The truth is, some people are successful in both. By nature, we are most happy if we are making money for doing the things we love. But at the end of the day, raising chickens is more than just a hobby or business, it’s also a commitment. Here’s a guide to help you assess yourself before you start.



Expectation vs Reality

As an aspiring chicken raiser, it’s very normal to feel excited. You can easily be inspired by successful stories, and you seem not to be bothered by the unsuccessful ones. Thanks to online sources, you can now easily find various solutions for different problems. You now know how to take care of your chickens during winter, and what to do to avoid them from getting sick. And because of that, your expectations are becoming higher, thinking that you can replicate the solutions with less effort. However, you will tend to ignore that all of us are different from each other and that everyone is unique. Are you willing to face reality?


Taking Baby Steps

Having a lot of money can help boost your confidence, and it’s a good indication that you can be successful. It’s easier for you to buy 10 chickens to start with, along with the necessary tools and equipment. You will also be less worried when complicated problems arrived. And with all the resources you have, you might feel skipping some steps hoping to be successful earlier than you expected. If this is your be mindset, you got it all wrong. Raising chickens is not rocket science, and will never be. You should start small but ready to devote your time and effort, and willing to take baby steps. 


Raising a Family

Raising chickens is like raising children. A lot of poultry owners believe in the saying, “cheaper by the dozen.” Well, it’s very true if you have enough space and money to invest. However, don’t forget that raising chickens is like starting a family and raising children. During peak season, a single hen can lay 5-6 eggs a week. So if you have 10 hens, you can expect 60 eggs weekly. Are you able to cope with that? And yes, even single people can also be successful breed owners. You don’t have to experience taking care of children. But the question is, are you really willing to commit yourself?


Adjusting Your Lifestyle

It may be easy for you to say that you can manage your time because you love raising chickens. Despite the many challenges you will face, you may also be confident that everything will turn out alright. But that’s not good enough. You see, chickens need full attention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The more chickens you have, the more time you need to spend with them. But of course, you also have a life to manage. You probably have a family, a busy professional, or an active athlete. And even if you’re already a retiree, you still have other things to do. So before buying those chickens to take care of, ask yourself first. How much are you willing to adjust your lifestyle?


You’re On Your Own

Our family and friends will always be supportive of what we do. They will be there when we needed them most. If you can pay for salaries, you can easily hire professionals and occasional helpers. However, you will be responsible for making tough decisions. This includes choosing the right chicken to buy, the best location for your coop and dust bath, and others. You should also make sure that your instructions are being followed religiously. At the end of the day, you’re still on your own. You cannot pass it on to them. You may have all the right people to help you, but everything is your responsibility. In short, your job is like being a CEO of a company. 


Think 100 Times Before You Start

With all of the aspects mentioned above, you can already predict if you can be a responsible poultry owner or not. But most likely, this is not the last article about raising chicken that you will read. And as you read more, your sense of enthusiasm to start right away will grow more. But before eventually take the plunge, here’s something you should always take note of – Raising chickens is not for everyone. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much money you will invest, and no matter how much time you will spend, you might still end up with nothing. So yes, you have to think 100 times before you start.


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